Brett replaces the paintbrush for the microphone in this refreshing take on what’s muse worthy from the studio, providing the latest happenings through audio with pictures.

Links discussed by Brett in this episode:

In the Frame
Brett Moffatt Art Register

Recent Commissions

“Early last year, I came across some of Bretts’ work. I was amazed at the detail and quality of his artistry. I immediately contacted him and asked if he would commission a very personally significant piece for someone special on my behalf. Upon final delivery, I was without words as Brett was able to capture the subject’s moment, significance, and beauty. I commissioned a second piece without delay, and again through his attention to detail and colour, captured the breathtaking setting and the deep connection of the subjects. I want to thank Brett for sharing his talent and skill sincerely, and it brings me great joy knowing that these incredible creations are cherished and personal gifts that are displayed proudly in the homes of these special people. Thank you, Brett; I’m not done yet!!!”

With Great Admiration

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