For many, an artwork is a precious object and an investment of your time, support, and money. I’m acutely aware of the support I’ve received from collectors of my work and wish to offer this token of gratitude by authenticating your purchase. I understand that supplying personal contact details requires an enormous amount of trust in me in this new world of cyber theft and fraud. But I don’t undertake this service lightly and assure you that your information will be safely recorded via a two-step verification secured cloud-based server. Please email Brett at: if you have any questions. Thank you.

What is the Brett Moffatt Art Register?

BMAR (Brett Moffatt Art Register) was set up for existing owners to register their Brett Moffatt original artworks. By registering your Brett Moffatt original, limited personal details are kept on a secured database, and upon receipt and approval of your application, you will receive a certificate and letter authenticating your work.

Why is registering Brett Moffatt original works important?

Over the last 35 years, original works have been sold through galleries and passed from one collector to another. Also, over that time, Brett has been unable to keep up with the ownership of his paintings. By registering your original work with BMAR, you are securing an extra level of security in the provenance of your beloved artwork. When choosing to sell your work via an agent or secondary market vendor* a certificate and letter of authenticity provides further credibility for the work, and peace of mind, for prospective buyers.

*Secondary market vendor. The initial or first sale of an artwork through a gallery or artist is called the primary market. The secondary market is when an artwork is offered for re-sale via a gallery, dealer, auction house or broker.

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