“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances”  William Shakespeare

I paint strong and empowered women, known as femme Fatales. I’m enthralled by the mystery and beauty of these spirited people. Femme Fatales cop a bad rap, and she’s demonised by the patriarchy, but I turn that stereotype on its head by championing her independence and resilience. I discovered the femme fatale during my early years spent in show business as a makeup artist, and the dream of painting and giving them a new voice has been my life’s pursuit. The Golden Age of Hollywood, Film Noir and cinema have been important influences in my work. The Femme Fatale is the ultimate story teller and her character provides limitless opportunities for expression.

I mostly paint in oils using a realist technique. I paint this way because it helps me construct more potent images using devices common to the film noir genre. Although cinema and film provide much influence, painting can distill drama and suspend the narrative. Like a good film noir movie that keeps you guessing, I think my pictures are provocative but tell a story by asking more questions than providing answers. While the viewer could be forgiven for deducing my works meaning, I employ symbolism,  clues, and visual cues to subvert the reading of a piece.

Brett Moffatt