I studied fine art at university achieving a Masters degree, and progressively earning a vocation painting portraits and exhibiting internationally. I am a self-taught photographer. I love portraits and see figurative work as an extension of portraiture. Successful picture making for me is about capturing and evoking something sublime and enchanting. The sense of looking at an image and feeling something deeper lies beneath is intriguing and compels me to create all the time. Fashion, is a natural extension of our psychology; I love the entire process of making fashion images, from working with brands, to developing concepts, working with a team and building an image – anything is possible. I am always experimenting and trying new ways to express something in my work. Aside from continuing to improve and learn, I’m always endeavouring to contribute something new and unique to the corpus of fashion image making. It’s an incredible tradition to be a part of.

From October 2015 I was selected & participated in the 4 month long mentorship program Fashion Photography: Mastered with living legend Nick Knight.