After an exceptionally long hiatus from publishing anything, I am pleased to announce that I’ll be sharing new works over the next month or two. I’ve been very busy working in the studio and in-situ on a range of personal and commissioned artistic projects. I’m also working in the background on a new projects page to be added soon.


Since the last time I wrote I’ve been very busy juggling a number of projects. Some of these have been painterly based, others – illustration and photography, design and marketing. Have had the opportunity through commissioned works to be painting more with watercolour. Such a wonderful medium. Have included some pics below.

This is a little watercolour I did of Oskar Schindler for a publisher.
This is a little watercolour I did of Oskar Schindler for a publisher.
Working on the album cover portrait of Francesca de Valence.
Working on the album cover portrait of Francesca de Valence.

I have had the great pleasure to be working with singer, songwriter, accomplished pianist and musician, Francesca de Valence, Brisbane, Australia. Our friendship goes back a few years now and over the last four or five months I’ve been working on the artwork of Francesca’s new EP album artwork as well as her publicity photos. This has been great fun and very rewarding. I’ve really enjoyed helping to mold Francesca through photography and painting. Some people might say, one captures a person through photography or painting, but equally so is the potential to express their persona in another way.

It culminated in a wonderful little exhibition of song and photographs, Friday the 6th of September in a show called ‘To Your Art’s Desire.’ This marked the launch of Francesca’s latest musical offering, “Things That We Had Said,” which I’ve blogged on already here. Like most shows, it presented an opportunity to meet many really cool people and enjoy some divine music in an intimate chamber styled context. Read Francesca’s blog post here.

Francesca in Paris.
Francesca in Paris.

The last few months also marked small milestones in my nomination for a Liebster gong (thank you again Alice), and taking out the best mixed medium in the Rotary Art Prize. This was judged by John Walsh, Director of the Gold Coast City Art Gallery, and was the first prize I’d entered in about 3 or 4 years I think. Naturally it was a gratifying little surprise. The painting I entered was ‘The Dreamers,’ that you can see here.

This year feels like the fastest on record. I blinked in April and here I am in September! Have produced some wonderful commissioned works, but have also been slowly producing new works which I hope to be seen by the year’s end. Looking forward to sharing the new work soon.


I have a number of projects keeping me busy and this week I worked on the portrait of Francesca de Valence. Francesca is a highly regarded singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. Her career and reputation continue to grow and I have the lucky role of painting her portrait.

Francesca Hero for editing 023_edited-1

Francesca’s portrait required months of planning and playing. For some it could be a source of frustration but it enriches the entire creative process to have time – not time to procrastinate, but time to plan, to create, to mature. Every painting I do has a sketchbook or ‘bible’ that helps guide the creative process. The book is full of photos, drawings, ideas, and snippets of anything that lends itself to the gestation of the work. The book is a work of art in its own right and Francesca’s takes us on a journey through Latin America and her ancestral home of Mauritius. Her painting is about sensuality, passion, beauty and colour.

Francesca studies
Francesca's top concept art.indd

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