All Jazz is Modern

I have recently added some new work to my website, the oil painting A Hollywood Still Life and eleven small watercolours. The watercolours were created as maquettes to work up ideas via a small format. If there’s anything that watercolour teaches, it’s that it’s fiercely independent and possesses unique qualities not shared with other painting […]

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In The Frame: Emma Landis

Emma Landis is an art consultant and historian whose passion for art stokes the fires of Toronto and Ontario’s art scenes. We discuss art collecting, her research into Abstract Expressionist founding father Clyfford Still, and Emma’s unique gift of applying lessons of the past to the social issues of the present and future. In The […]

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In the Frame: Brett Moffatt

Award-winning artist Brett Moffatt takes listeners into the lives of artists, curators, models, writers, and performers. Brett shakes the conventional by going backstage, into the studios and dressing rooms of people we’d like to know and understand more. Learn how an acclaimed painter and photographer gets to know his subjects. In today’s episode, I am […]

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